Our company started 7 years ago with photography, and focused on sport photography, travel, and documentary, and later on real estate, journalism and fashion. This has been a good base for our company. Photography is not about the camera, or the lenses you have, although it will help. It's about on how things are captured and materialized in a final product based on personification of the situation. But also what people like or don't like is very personal. Looking back it's has been a solid path which did result in expanding with aerial work and video work. Working both in national and international markets, meeting different cultures, people, and companies, is grateful.

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Where allowed, needed or required we apply within the company different software techniques to realize a certain atmosphere and results. We work on Apple's, desktop and laptop, demonstrate our work with IPAD's, and do love to carry our equipment in Peli cases. Our main brand we work with is Nikon for most of the work we do. We also back up our work and we have fiber coming into our office.

Based on demand we also started offering 360 degree photography. Mostly done for real estate customers. It's is also driven by our new concept to integrate most of our services based on 360 degree video, into 1 user interface, to offer interactive web content.

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Our Recent Work

Recording __360 degree video__ at Philips office

Recording 360 degree video at Philips office

Another way of sharing literally your products in a showroom to the global ...

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Recording for __Dutch Television NTR__ with the __OctoCopter__

Recording for Dutch Television NTR with the OctoCopter

Many roads go to Rome, and 1 way to make unique film shots is with an unman...

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Real Estate shoot __Aerial & Ground__

Real Estate shoot Aerial & Ground

More and more we see that unique views and professional images can make a d...

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