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Paul Raats DOT Com, __Creative__ Views… __digital__ frames and __beyond__, Creative Views, It's where we give an impression about our work, our methods, tools, philosophy, & our passion for making digital content. We share (new) services that are all related to photography & video,. Always driven by how we can deliver something extraordinary to benefit from, as well as by what our customers want to accomplish. The various portfolios will give an impression of our work. We do a lot studio and outdoor work, for commercial use, focus on sports, fanbase marketing, activations and experiences brands and athletes. Our customers are a mix of creative agencies, sportmarketing agencies, sports brands, athletes, press agencies, real estate companies, and film production companies.

It all started in 2007 with photography. Now, in 2016, the portfolio is a combination of photography and video. As one of the first photography companies to introduce the OctoCopter (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System RPAS) in 2011, we have been able to create unique work and have been granted many new customer contracts. The FAA prediction for 2020 is 30,000 RPASs in the US market alone. By integrating video and photography on the ground and in the air we have delivered complete commercials. Now, we are expanding our portfolio again with a new professional service: 360 degree video or to be more precise, spherical video, which will be used on the ground. This offers many new opportunities for companies that want to make commercials, conduct interviews, or even create virtual tours, for all of which we will apply a mix of our different services, to produce a total content package. Because we offer a combination of unique photography and video solutions within 1 company, we have established a unique place in the market. We are easy to deal with, enjoy a bit of fun and deliver what we need to deliver, worldwide.

Due to the enormous supply of digital content, it's a challenge to offer a balance in how to catch the visitor's eye and at the same time make sure that people from different age groups, with different web-surfing behaviour are pleased with your content. Nowadays, people also use video databases to search for information. At Creative Views we are constantly working on making a difference and making the winning score for our customers. It's a mixture of many things and the details always matter. Being able to utilize the right tools is paramount, and how you make the difference is by doing things, seeing things and creating things personally. Our company is constantly expanding, as is our customer base, and we are always willing to learn. The use of photo and video is still evolving and therefore we are too, so that we can continue to assist you in the time to come.
Were you viewing digital content on a tablet 5 years ago? How will you be viewing digital content in 2018 ?


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  • Robert Lutta

    Comment Link Tuesday, 23 April 2013 11:07

    I am a cameraman with great interest in aerial photography,i have been searching on sites and was very impressed with your octocopter.
    Kindly let me know if you have any available for sale and training on the same am willing to learn and hopefully purchase one if i can afford it.
    Email is
    Regards, looking forward to having a word with you. regards.
    Robert Lutta.

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